Annual General Meeting Minutes: 2017

IMCA Australia: AGM Royal Yacht Club Tasmania (RYCT) 08/01/2017 – meeting opened 10am

Warren Sare in chair.

Apologies: Colin Spence

Attendance: Warren Sare, Emma Spiers, Will Logan, Alan Goddard, Josh McKnight, Ben Newling, Steven Thomas, Matthew Chew, Alan Punch, Lloyd Edmunds, Les Thorpe, Harry Mighell, Stacey Jackson, James Hallam, Rob Gough, Grant Rollerson, Tilly Lock, Phil Stevenson, Andrew McDougall, Alan Goddard

Minutes from 2016 AGM in Sorrento distributed and accepted. Proposer: Ben Newling / Seconded: Warren Sare.

Financial report presented. We have not used the Term Deposit ($19k), active account $9k reduced to $3k as a result of travel subsidy for Perth Nationals.

Travel Subsidy proposal agreed. $100 for travelling to an adjacent state (one state travel), $300 for 2+ states travel. For 2018 travel subsidy, need to be a continuous IMCA Australia member for a minimum of 2 years.

Membership dropping. Currently 40 boats, although this number represents closely the number of entries for the nationals. Agreed to hold membership fees at $75 for a senior and $50 for a junior.

Discussion on Waszp:

  • If they attend the nationals, separate start suggested (like the 9er events).
  • Acknowledged that there is a move for separate associations around the world, separate events, e.g. they are running a separate Waszp World Championships at Campione after / separate to the moth worlds.
  • While we can encourage Waszps to turn up, they will not have a moth measurement cert, insignia, etc so can not have results counted. Cooperation but they need to comply.
  • Watching brief.

Presidents report presented. The prior year has seen stability in the class. There is little growth with a stable core of members and apparent numbers sailing at various Moth clubs in Australia. The 2017 Garda Worlds is going to be very large, with likely 200+ boats.

State reports:

  • NSW: Numbers are steady at St George, a few more new guys at Balmoral, 8 at WSC. Concern is no travel to interstate events. 15 at States.
  • VIC: Numbers are down, just Harry and Amac sailing.
  • QLD: Growing, healthy fleet out of Royal QLD; keen to host a nationals.
  • TAS: 8 boats, healthy.
  • WA: Static around 10 boats, 11-12 for States. Moving around the clubs, Friday sailing working well.

2018 Nationals at Wangi Wangi Sailing Club. The proposed Foiling Week at WSC discussed and decided that the event should be kept separate to our already committed Wangi Nationals. We should support Foiling Week as a separate event and encourage overseas sailors to attend both events. 2019 Nationals – rotation implies this is back in QLD. RQYS to put up a formal proposal next AGM.

General Business: Discussion on class promotion and encouraging activity

  • Raise junior age to 21 - Agreed. Focus on the juniors.
  • Media Officer position proposed. Agreed – Tilly Lock to provide proposal to the class for consideration.

IMCAA fees for 16/17 – agreed to stay at $75 for a senior and $50 for a junior.


  • Josh McKnight, president unopposed.
  • Emma Spiers, Sec unopposed Measurer
  • Colin Spence, unopposed. Need to have state based measurers.
  • John Genders, Treasurer, unopposed

Meeting closed. 11am