Moth Class Development

The following should bring you up to date on the latest class developments around Australia.

Date Location Development
Mar. 2003 Perth, WA
Article in Seahorse magazine about John Ilett's fully submergered hydrofoils on Garth's boat. (click on images above to enlarge)
Dec. 2002 Perth, WA Garth's new winged centreboard. More...
Sept. 2002 Sydney, NSW Ian Ward explains his latest bi-foiler moth. More...
April 2002 Perth, WA Awesome video of Andrew McDougall flying on Brett Burvill's hydrofoiled Moth. Show me...
Nov. 2001 Bunbury, WA Brett Burvill develops a double surfaced sail. More...
Sept. 2001 Sydney, NSW IMCA of Australia National measurer, Phil Stevenson has responded to the hydrofoil issue by providing an analysis and interpretation to the current IMCA rules with respect to the use of hydrofoils.
August 2001 Perth, WA Brett on Windrush using both the hydrofoils and winged centreboard. Some shots clearly show the boat literally flying!
June 2001 Sydney, NSW Phil Stevenson speaks out to Australian Sailing about the Moth class development.
May 2001 Hampton,
Hydrofoil testing on the other side of Australia this time in Victorian by our own tree surgeon Steve O'Regan.
Early 2001 Perth,
Western Australia
Garth Ilett hydrofoil testing Bret Burville's `Windrush' in Bunbury, Western Australia.
Early 2001 Perth,
Western Australia
Peter Kovesi's Moth using hydrofoils that lift the hull so that the water is just licking the bottom. Foils consist of two `T' foil rudders at the rear and a `V' foil at the front.
2000 Perth,
Western Australia
A few more hydrofoil concepts worked on by John and Garth Illett using 'On the Prowl'.
1999/2000 Perth,
Western Australia
Sailboard rig used on a Moth in the World Championships.
1999/2000 Perth,
Western Australia
Hydrofoils used for the first time in the World Championships by Brett.
1993 Sydney,

Pocket luff rigs reintroduced into the Moth class.