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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Bladerider support guides

Rohan Veal, ex moth world champion and Bladerider’s International Sales and Marketing Manager has written a series of excellent support guides. Whilst they are written for the Bladerider, but most of the information applies to any moth.

  • Sailing The Bladerider is a guide for first time moth sailors and covers launching, capsize recovery and the foiling basics like takeoff, landing and height control.
  • The Racing The Bladerider is a guide that covers the racing basics. All the information on how to make a Bladerider go fast is in the Bladerider High Performance Guide guide.
  • The Bladerider High Performance Guide guide was originally for customers eyes only, but is now publicly available. This guide covers: rake and rig tension, wand and push rod settings (such as how to add lift to your front hydrofoil), sail settings (such as correct amounts of vang and downhaul) and a frame-by-frame walkthrough of how to perform a foiling tack.
  • The Bladerider Trouble Shooting covers topics that include: if your moth foils to high and crashes down, if your moth rides to low and is hard to get foiling, rides high then low downwind, rear foil cavitation, the wand tapping on the hull, the front foil stalling at low speed and the boat flying bow up. If you are having any of these problems it is worth a look.