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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Get Involved in Moth Sailing

We understand that not everyone will enjoy Moth sailing as much as we do, as it requires the right amount of determination, skill and persistence in a person. So we have summarised the type of qualities in a person that we see are suitable to our class:

-Keen to get out there and give it a go not matter what other people say.

-Not worried about tipping over at least 20 times everytime you go sailing in the first few months.

-Understanding that it could take three months before you complete a race & then feeling like it's your greatest achievement.

-Realise that age is no boundary to do anything.

-Have mastered and got bored in other monohull classes.

-Are reasonably active and energetic.

-Are good with your hands and like to make things.

-Are more keen to learn than to win races.

-Sick of lifting heavy boats in and out of the water to go sailing.

-Are unhappy with the unfriendly and bitching nature of your class.

-Realising that sailing upwind can be just as good as sailing downwind.

-Believe there is more to sailing than wind shifts, tactics and technique.

-Like to experiment with and improve your boat and not be worried if someone is going to protest you for breaking class rules.

-Tired of going slow and getting passed by skiffs all the time.

-Are up for one of the biggest challenges that you have ever faced.

If you think you have most or all of these qualities, then you probaby should give a Moth a go. You might just want to contact one of our state representitives first to arrange for a free test sail. Otherwise if you know that there is no other class that even compares, just buy one!